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How does it work?

The toilet paper industry has gone unchallenged for 100 years. wipe is here to change that. We do one thing and we do it really well: make awesome, fluffy toilet paper that's eco-friendly, budget-friendly and butt-friendly.

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We'll ship you 12 rolls of butt happiness for only a buck! If you hate it, we'll just dry our tears with the rolls you didn't use.

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What People Say About Us

"wipe has done the unthinkable. I never thought I'd subscribe to getting toilet paper in the mail, but I'm hooked. I save money, time and a ton of space in my grocery cart. I guess it also helps that it's the best toilet paper I've ever used!"

Kyle Jones
Butt Wiper from Oklahoma

“I like that I'm saving the environment by wiping my butt. Thanks wipe. It really is a cool product.”

Sean O'Leary
Butt Wiper from California

“My wife turned me on to wipe. I love the product - it's clean and extremely soft. We just don't buy toilet paper from anywhere else now.”

Ed Chou
Butt Wiper from Oregon